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Abundance - Alcohol & Meat Free Gift

DESCRIPTION: Cheese Biscuits, Noble Savoury 60g British Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar, Love Cocoa 85g Pickled Gherkins, Drivers 350g Pistachios Roasted with Sea Salt, Zeina 40g Vanilla Fudge, Deeping Fudge 80g Mint Cremes, Whitakers 150g Orange Extra Jam, Granny's Secret 240g Spinach & Celery Seed Crackers, Cradoc's 80g Honeycomb with Chocolate, Charles Butler 110g Biscotti Cantucci with Choc Chips, Italy2eat 125g Italian Ground Coffee 'Capriccio', Manuel 125g Handmade Grissini 'Rami', Figulì 70g Sicilian Olives in jar, L'Ulivo 190g Black Ceylon Tea, Basilur 25 teabags Peach Sparkling Grape Juice, Donelli 75cl Red Sparkling Grape Juice, Donelli 75cl Choc & Pistachio Gluten Free Cookies, Teoni 200g Blood Orange Infusion, Manuel 20 teabags Hot Chili Pate Tapenade, Villa Reale 180g Handmade Fruit Drops, Charles Butler 190g Apple Juice Russet, Charrington Farm 250ml Dragee CioccoNocciolone, Papa 100g Sweet Cracknel Biscuits, Van Den Berg 200g Apple Sparkling Juice Cox, Charrington Farm 250ml Cranberry Biscuits, Bisquini 150g

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VAT: £

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